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Yakov E. Sirotkin
Birthday: May 10, year 1977
E-mail: yasha@telamon.ru


Professional objective: Ship valuable software.

Software Engineer since 1999.

Education: 1994-1999 Saint-Petersburg State University. Mathematics & Mechanics Faculty, department of Mathematical Analysis, diploma with honors.

January 2021 — now
Software Engineer at Solveva

September 2020 — December 2021
Software Engineer at Sber
Backend development for Jazz videoplatform.

June 2019 — August 2020
Software Engineer at Botkin.AI
I developed backend infrastructure for processing medical images on AI servers. Also I developed software for retrieving medical images from medical organizations. I was responsible for integration project with our most valuable customer.
Core technologies: Kotlin, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, dcm4che

May 2018 — May 2019
Software Engineer at Tango Me
I created a new finance system for mobile streaming platform based on an asynchronous task processing engine. I was responsible for the following tasks:

  • Migration from legacy system
  • Integration with Google
  • Integration with Apple
  • New workflow for processing payments to streamers
  • Integration with PayPal
  • Migration from PayPal to Payoneer
  • BI support
Core technologies: MySQL, Spring Boot, Redis, git, Maven. Legacy technologies: memcached, svn, Ivy

September 2016 — May 2018
Software Engineer at Grid Dynamics
I implemented leading asterisk support in search queries for Lucene search engine based on suffix array.
Software development for major US retail companies.

April 2013 — August 2016
Software Engineer at Sidenis AG
I participated in support and development of contract information system for the credit insurance business. I migrated about 50,000 lines of PL/SQL code to Java, introduced jQuery-based interface, decommissioned several legacy subsystems, introduced new report and search engine, fixed hundreds of defects (Java, jQuery, Oracle, PL/SQL).

December 2012 — March 2013
Software Engineer at Genestack
I participated in the development of new cloud-based bioinformatics platform (Java, jQuery).

February, 2011 — December, 2012
Software Engineer at Algorithmic Biology Lab
Data visualization for the top-down mass-spectrometry.
Product Manager for genome assembler SPAdes.

May, 2010 — January, 2011
Software Engineer at GGA Software Services
Support and bugfixing for complicated enterprise systems.

March, 2007 — April, 2010
Software Engineer at Yandex
I transfered Yandex.Money web part development from Moscow to St.Petersburg, from "big Yandex" to Yandex.Money. After that I transferred internal CRM project from prototype developed by external outsourcing company to production.

June, 2006 — February, 2007
Web-developer at Siemens Business Services
Outstaffed coding monkey.

July, 2005 — March, 2006
Software Engineer at interresearch a|s
Development of the Internet surveys ASP platform (Java/Tamino). I switched the system to UTF-8, unified the Tamino API usage, wrote the Ant script for the build process, reduced the number of pop-ups and redirects, implemented several new features and fixed a lot of bugs.

February, 2003 — July, 2005
Software Engineer at DataArt
Web applications (Java/Oracle/Struts), Quantitative Finance (C#).

I participated in many software engineering conferences in Russia as invited speaker. My blog is quite popular among software developers.

Keywords: Refactoring: bugfixing, rename, code cleanup; Java; XSLT; vast experience in Oracle.

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